Tips for Avoiding Blockages

Follow these guidelines to help keep your drains flowing freely.

  • Keep grids and gullies clear of debris and flush water to check flow.
  • Follow product guidelines for the disposal of sanitary products.
  • Avoid flushing disposable wipes.
  • Wipe fat and grease off cooking utensils and dispose of with household waste.
  • Follow product guidelines on correct amounts of washing powder.
  • Periodically check drain access points to ensure they are flowing freely and that no roots are visible.
  • Ensure all gullies have grids or drain covers to prevent children's/pet's toys and other items causing blockages.

We can provide a maintenance programme if required. We would also recommend that you keep a close eye on any drain covers on your drive. If any damage is visible it is possible that the cover may not continue to support your vehicle.

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